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What are they really buying?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

People see you before they hear you speak. Sometimes they even read about you before meeting you. In the age of digital media, people can find out exactly who you are, what you do and your background experiences in less than 60 seconds. With online shopping experiencing some of its highest sales than ever before, customers have endless options when it comes to spending their hard-earned dollars on products. There is truly no shortage of choices in the marketplace. So, “what are you selling, and who are you selling it to?” This is important to remember because not all sales transactions boil down to cost. As a matter of fact, in today’s market, most don’t. If cost isn’t a factor, then “what is?”

As you build your brand, consider the fact that customers want to support brands they can trust, brands who are authentic, brands who connect to a community who shares their “like-minded” thinking (Connection is the new currency), brands that listen to their customers and the market before always speaking and brands who are socially conscious driven far beyond dollars. They also love the brands who aren’t afraid to share publicly and stand up for their mission and values, even if it is not always popular. So, as you build your business, consider the mission and values which you want to be rooted in and how you want to align yourself with customers who not only support you, but as a result, will likely buy what you’re selling as well. Remember, you may open and close many businesses during your lifetime, however, no matter what you open next, your “customer tribe” will support you as long as your values and mission remain in alignment with who you are when they first began to support you.

So, “who are you buying from and why?” “Who’s in alignment with your values?”

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