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Education Consulting

We Offer Online and In Person consultancy for College Students, Professionals, Universities, High Schools, Programs, Non- Profits and Programs.

“Our mission is to educate in order to elevate”

We provide support to members of the education and business community from professors to administrators by providing practical, hands-on experience along with partnering with schools and teachers to raise standards, rigor, and expectations for students. We offer consultancy in:

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  • Designing and developing curricula and course outlines.

  • Assisting in the development of teacher training materials that align with the new curriculum.

  • Conducting needs assessments to determine which topics need to be covered in the new curriculum.

  • Developing syllabi to ensure that topics are covered in an engaging manner that meets the needs of the students.

  • Selecting appropriate texts or other materials to use in the classroom.

  • Developing educational materials such as handouts, tests, and quizzes.

  • Reviewing textbooks and other materials to ensure they are appropriate for students of different ages and abilities.


Customized Webinars, Classes & Workshops

  • Customized courses, classes and workshops for education institutions, businesses, small groups, and corporations.

  • We will create all content, training materials, and anything else needed.

  • We can also provide facilitation and training of any company materials provided.



  • We help to create a strategy based upon your personal goals and vision. Once this happens, we then provide guidance and feedback to assist you with creating a portfolio that tells your story, showcases your work, and highlights your accomplishments.

  • We assist with portfolio creation for freelance work opportunities and more.

  • We provide marketing guidance in using your portfolio to reach new market opportunities and audiences.


Course Development

  • Course development offered in business, marketing, fashion, and more. 

  • Instructional programs and development.

  • Training materials for businesses, organizations, and education institutions. 

  • Online courses for education and business organizations.


Virtual Tutoring

  • Expert Tutoring -Highly personalized and conducted by tutor’s who have a minimum of an MBA, and experience in the subject matter.

  • Flexible scheduling- All sessions are held online which creates the best opportunity for the needs of our clients and their schedules.

  • Results Oriented- We learn about the goals of our clients and then work hand in hand together to achieve them.

  • Dedicated support- Our team members are all educators and truly understand how to offer the best support and service to each client in an engaging manner.

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Global Education Consulting

  • All education services can be provided on a global platform.

  • First-hand experience with delivering educational content and consultancy to European educational programs.

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Florence Italy

Clark Atlanta University
LIM College
Southern New Hampshire University
Herzing University
Career Development Speaker

Education Consultant

American Intercontinental University
Strayer University

Education Strategy Coach

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