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Professional Coaching

Our coaching services focus on setting goals, creating outcomes, managing personal change and more.

We offer coaching in:

Business Coaching

We provide professional coaches who mentor, support, educate, and motivate business owners to implement and prioritize strategies to help businesses grow. We objectively see what you're struggling with, assist you with overcoming your weaknesses and help to hold you to your vision when things look tough.

Work/Life Integration Coaching

Coaching individuals towards creating work/life integration that allows them to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Transition Coaching

Transitional coaching focuses on helping people through big life changes. You may be facing a variety of life issues and need guidance through a tough period to a stage of great fulfillment and happiness. Our role is to help you address your current transition, set action steps to make the changes easier and more manageable, and create short and long-term goals for success. It’s important to take steps towards thriving after the transition. Your transition may be personal, professional, or business related.

Performance Coaching

The focus of performance coaching is to raise performance in individuals, teams, and organizations. Our goal is to help people enhance their ability to do something. This can be done by setting achievable goals on the way to larger goals, developing self- awareness and identifying and overcoming obstacles.

Strategy Coaching

Many times we jump into projects or set goals without much thought and decide we want to accomplish something without much thinking regarding how it can be done effectively and strategically. Our goal is to help you pause, look at the big picture, and think about how best to achieve your goals. Doing this can help to provide the clarity needed to get started by knowing where to start and what to do first. Our focus is to help you get clear and understand your motivation, the dynamics of the situation, any people that are involved, and what you want to achieve. We want to help you realize that you have the answers by asking the right questions to pull them out of you.

Project Coaching

We help people develop actionable, doable plans for one project or many different projects they have going. These projects may range from personal passion projects to business projects. We then provide the accountability and handholding needed to get your stuff done. One of our main goals is to teach people how to do things on their own. We want to coach you into self-mastery and help you to identify what you can do. Knowing this information is quite beneficial as you work towards completing your project. We learn how to master our creativity, business, and self not by reading books or learning in the abstract, but by pushing our boundaries through action.

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