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DR. B, aka, “THE MONEY CHICK,” is an AMAZING marketing consultant and coach, AMAZING storyteller, AMAZING motivational speaker, and AMAZING Educator & Professor. She has earned the nickname globally as the MONEY CHICK for her ability to monetize almost any idea she hears of, her acute business knowledge and understanding of how to strategize in order to maximize and monetize. She loves to help clients create their personal brand image to represent their brand in order to garner top dollar within the business category they engage in. This involves creating a brand image, positioning, and engaging in negotiating.

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She is an unforgettable experience with a panache and passion for marketing, business, education, and fashion.  What sets her apart is her global background and portfolio of experience. She has lived and experienced everything firsthand in which she consults and coaches’ others on which allows her to connect with individuals in a unique way. From taking the leap from full time employee to flourishing entrepreneur who strategically planned her exit strategy, from former student to Dr. Boyd- Professor, she went back to school while working full time to obtain both her MBA and Doctorate and graduated with honors from both programs. She received her B.S. degree from Hampton University in Marketing and Merchandising, earned a Master’s degree in Marketing with a concentration in International Business from Mercer University, completed her doctorate in Marketing from Argosy University and obtained her Professional Certification from one of the top Coaching certifications recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) from North Carolina State University. She pulled the trigger and said yes to her dreams and engaging in experiences which many talk about, but don’t always make the plans needed to follow through with making them happen. However, she did and that’s her story as she never looked back! She loves coaching and consulting with others who desire to go after their own dreams as well!

Much of her business success and experience was garnered from her first and only job working with luxury retailer Neiman Marcus for 21 years as a buyer for 3 different multimillion-dollar brands, stylist to many high profile and business professions as well as TV/film projects and one of the stores first million-dollar books. It was then and there in which she realized her unique style of selling, consulting with clients, building million-dollar brands and engaging in a consultancy manner with other luxury brands and people. It was her ability to strategize in order to monetize her million-dollar book of business which allowed her to work four days a week verses five, which was typically the normal work schedule.

 She became known as “Prime Time” because clients often equated her personality to that of Deion Sanders with respect to his energy, fun attitude, passion and how he made others feel who engaged and enjoyed experiences with him. It was a dream job for many years as it created unforgettable experiences and a dream wardrobe. It was not easy to build a career and eventually a million-dollar book of business, but she did so as she studied the products sold, where and how they were made, learned about designers and then learned much about power of selling and storytelling because she worked on commission. If she did not sell, she did not eat and she loved that because she was always hungry and there was no limit on the amount of income she could earn.

However, the impact and influence of the very clients she served, created something else.. Her desire and vision to create a life where she could live and enjoy life just like the amazing clientele she served, doing what she loved from anywhere in the world from a laptop and being paid well to do so, in the process.  After a successful 21-year career, she did just that. She then followed this departure with many global experiences and travels all over the world and is now on her 3rd passport as she loves learning, engaging and immersing herself firsthand in other countries and with other cultures. She has been fortunate to land several contracts abroad in Italy, and Paris. She always had a passion for marketing, business, global travels, fashion, and education.

One of the best lessons she learned along the way is that you are always selling something even when you are not trying to because people will see you before they hear you, so consider the message of what you are wearing and how you are presenting who you are to the world. She wants people to know that she is a Black girl from Alabama who simply said yes and never looked back. She measures her success from where she started against where she is right now, today. She doesn’t measure herself against others.

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